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The Milestones Poster: 

LOVE it! The Milestones Poster

"There are baby books. And photo albums. And journals. And family trees. And growth charts. And footprint artwork.
But what if there was a way to showcase all those things, and moments and firsts and memories in one place, in one really cool way, and in a form that everyone could see?
Enter the Milestones Poster from StrangeBirdyStudios..."

The Milestones Poster – putting precious childhood moments on display

"Here’s a clever concept to help turn childhood landmarks into a work of art.
It’s not always easy to remember those fleeting moments of childhood...
That’s where the idea of The Milestones Poster is pure genius."

Forget the Baby Book! Interactive Infographics.

"All of your child’s exciting firsts should be showcased and celebrated and with the ever-growing trend of infographics, The Milestones Poster is the perfect way to do that."

The Milestones Poster

The Milestones Poster from StrangeBirdyStudios

"Think of it as an artistic baby book in poster form…"

The Milestones Poster

"Love love love this milestone poster by StrangeBirdyStudios.
Charts, stickers and graphics oh my! What a great way to refresh the traditional scrapbook...
The best thing is that your child will have a cool art print to hang in their room even as they grow older, thanks to the cool design… Perfect right?"

Paloma Poster:

Mommy Memories

Baby's First Year Visualized

"Designer Chase Simmering’s inspired print hits all the high points (Halloween costume, favorite foods, places visited), distilling the complex maze of moments and memories into a visual gem."

Baby's First Year: Oh What a Blur
"When I came across the Paloma Poster, I was so excited I had to share. Being a first-time mom, I was sure I would remember all details for my daughter’s first year, how could I forget what day she ate her first banana? Looking back now, it’s nothing but a blur! Oh how I wish I’d had this to help me document all of the milestones that happened in the whirlwind of her first year."
Visualizing Your Baby's First Year in an Infographic
"Infographics are hot, and now you can get a customized one that illustrates highlights from your baby’s first year."

Paloma Poster Looks Awesome, Sounds Complicated.

"Information design guru Nicholas Feltron pretty much set the standard for the awesomely designed personal annual report. I'm a bit surprised it's taken this long for someone to create a kid version.
Especially when you see how natural and obvious the Paloma Poster is."

Kalon Studios Paloma Poster
"This is the most incredible first birthday gift I have ever come across."