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The Milestones Poster

The Milestones Poster


All of your child’s exciting firsts should be showcased and celebrated. With that in mind, we developed The Milestones Poster, a 20x30” fill-in-the-blank infographic with over 40 fields for you to draw, write or color in.

Consider it your baby’s first work of art. 

Bordered by growth rulers to track your baby’s height and weight are colorful graphics and charts for you to color, write in or express yourself artistically. Ranging from place of birth, motor skills, hairstyles, first Halloween costume, first words and much more--all in one 20x30” artful print for visitors to marvel at.

As much detail and thought that went into The Milestones Poster design also went into how it is made.

Each poster is printed on a beautiful FSC certified, carbon-neutral Mohawk Loop Feltmark paper made from 100% post-consumer waste and manufactured with windpower.

In addition to that, the posters are printed using soy inks in a print house that is 20% solar-powered.

Posters ship within 1-2 business days of order being processed.

For overnight shipping or shipping options not provided, please contact us.